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Young Padawans perform Star Wars music with incredible lightsaber violin bows

All you need Star Wars fans there really is a new movie, Star Wars: Rogue must be stuck on one. To prepare you for the new movie to help, we have found the best videos of all time.

What does my heart say about Star Wars? The amazing stories that define our illusions in childhood? The unexpected turn that left us speechless? Great music? Epic Lightsabers battle? Well, after watching the video below, you’ll have to remember something about Star Wars always.

Some Laitsabers symbolize this billion dollar franchise film that may disagree with the fact that it is probably the most famous weapon. However, the creative Laitsabers can use and type in addition to the fight? Playing the violin!

These children were in Quebec schools violinist “decole DE L ‘HERMONI ST OUDOUARD” and “SECONDAIRE SCHOOL La Seigneurie” donated by his grandfather Robon and raised your Laitsr bow to play the subject of Star Wars. And they did it like the boss! They actually pulled Padawans look well. The synchronization was spot on, and the music was as beautiful as ever!

I was particularly impressed with the Lightsbyer song. The laser arc was made by Philippe Amiatt, who was a violin teacher at Decole de l’Harmonie. We must believe they have done a really good job. Yoda will be proud!

You can watch the full video below.

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