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You Should Know This Top 5 Regrets Of The Dying

After feeling incomplete in his job for many years, Bruni Ware decided to find something resonant with her soul. She ended up in palliative care where she spent many years she would die. After some time, he made a list of the most 5 common remorse people were interested in.

The list that I collected, gained great popularity, and we share it with you here today because we must keep in mind by all of us. Though it’s hard to think about, but these things are important to your happiness now and now!

#1. I want to have the courage to live a life for myself, which is not the life I expected.

When people discover that their lives are almost finished and look back, it is easy to see the number of those dreams that are still incomplete: most people have not even given half of their dreams and know them. He had to die because of the choices “He gives very little health, so he has.”

#2. I wish I did not work hard.

“I came from every sick man, he had a nurse, and I remembered with my children and his wives.” Women also spoke of this regret, but most were older, and many were not patients. Bradvinrs. He spent much of his life in the evil workshop. ”

#3. I wish I had the courage to express my feelings.

“Many people suppressed their feelings to maintain peace with others, and as a result, they settled for a humble existence and were unable to do many advanced diseases related to bitterness and resentment, as a result, they did.”

#4. I wish to keep in touch with my friends.

“Often they will not realize the full benefits of old friends so that their weeks are not always possible and can not always be chased … Many people have been trapped at that stage of their lives, where they spent their golden friendship for years.” Everyone remembers their friends when they die. ”

#5. I want to stay happy.

“It was amazingly natural, many did not realize that happiness was an option, in the end, they were stuck in old habits and habits, and so-called” comfort “in their physical lives overwhelmed by their feelings. And get their neutrality in their lives. ”

It’s real advice and it’s really good, even if it’s hard to think about. Take those people who went there, and do not make the same mistake! Share these five points, because everyone can use the reminder periodically.

Source: huffingtonpost.com


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