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Women Need More Sleep Because Their Brains Work Harder

Finally! Women have proven research that needs more sleep than men because they are smart. It is a scientific fact.

Well … not exactly.

What is more complex brain activity in men than in women who have been able to prove research.

A new study at the University of Loboro in England showed that multiple working women, meaning they require a great deal of brain activity and more brain regions of men, resulting in sleep requiring more.

According to sleep expert and researcher John Horne:

“Then allow one of the main people to sleep to organize and repair the accumulation of your mind you need to get going, which uses it, besides, whenever you need it.”

The study found that women need more sleep about 20 minutes compared to men at night. This is a man who is called mentally burdened job gone, one is that a lot of actions and decisions needed lateral thinking, will need to sleep more than the average man, although the girl is still not as much.

Women need more sleep than men because their brains are wired differently
So what is the difference?

Study In 2014, 949 people were tested and found results that were more connections between the hemispheres of each brain in the brains of men were more interested in the hemisphere, while the brain of women.

The results showed that men are able to focus strongly on one thing at a time, while the female brain is best to perform multiple tasks at once. This is the interpretation of tunnel vision and the best multitasking ability for some women in some men. Multidisciplinary effort on the brain, that is why women need more sleep than men.

Minneapolis Veterans Affairs (VA), Director of Brain Science Center at the Medical Center Dr According to the Apostle Jorjopolos:

“Women have a different word in mind … We are in this girl, there are many different words, often are obtained several times these days, be aware of the times and not even that.”

While it may sound good news, do the costs of brain speed and female efficiency. Scientists say that the male brain is more sensitive to damage than male brain damage can be more quickly and fully recovered – make the daily recovery and repair process (aka sleep) is extremely important.

Source: dailymail.co.uk

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