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Science Says The First Born Child Is the Most Intelligent

New research from Leipzig University shows that compared with siblings who were born for the first time, they are very smart because of their parents’ full care. They also go on to claim that the children born are encouraged by their mind, because of the fact that children born before the birth of their younger brothers at a very early age (as they know) learned. Of course, this study believes that this difference in intelligence can be a direct result of parental pressure.

They are expected to take care of themselves and their younger siblings. Also, keep in mind that their parents are usually parents for the first time with anxiety and pressure to prepare their child to become a responsible person in the community. This simultaneous home-based training coincides with children who follow their parents’ training and find it difficult to focus all their efforts on one child. These parents know or understand that caregivers should be encouraged for the first time to take care of their younger siblings – and they hope to have a sense of leadership and responsibility for such activities. Development.

This research further explains that there is a difference in IQ of 1.5 for a child from child to child. But studies also show that in first and second families, these differences do not always play abroad. Young siblings also had an important opportunity to overcome. Apart from this, along with the gap in IQ, it has been observed that children born in the past have a great faith in their ability to perform these tasks, which requires a great deal of mental work. They trusted in their intelligence. It came from a study of personality tests conducted in three different times in different countries.

In fact, one of the people who focused on the UK – more than 18,000 volunteers participated in the population sample for the study. Julia Roehrer brought a unique and interesting view of the cause of this incident. Speaking to Daily Mail, he says: “One theory is that the following children” weaken their parents’ resources. “While the first focus of parents is to go to parents, at least a few months or years, they must be shared with people born in the late stage.” “The concept of private education has been described as another potential factor: The virgin can be a” teacher “of his younger siblings, he explains how the world works, etc.” “There are high cognitive demands to teach others – children need to remember your own knowledge, In a good way to explain younger siblings, which can enhance intelligence in newborns. “What about these scientific findings? Think about what it will take to ensure that people born in their late lives have a lot of resources from parents – in care and attention, on Facebook


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