Home Life Grocery encounter leads to unlikely friendship between 4-year-old and “old person”

Grocery encounter leads to unlikely friendship between 4-year-old and “old person”

Dan Peterson, 82, has been struggling with depression since his wife died six months ago. With nothing to live with, the sad old man had no desire to move forward. Then there was a miracle that changed everything.

The video below will show you how a loving smile can take you away from the darkness of depression. It was another ordinary day of unity and self-pity for Agastya, Dan Peterson, a resident of Georgia Petroleum. Since his wife died in March 2016, she lived without anything but living alone. He never expected life to open doors of happiness to him.

But something happened when he went shopping to buy groceries that fateful day Nora Wood, a 4 year old girl, went with her mother to take some Christmas cakes at the grocery store. He sees the sad old soul that Mr. Peterson was there and smiles at. “Hello, old man!” Nora yelled at his car. “This is my birthday today!” Mr. Pearson has lost the words with this sudden approach to a beautiful little girl.

A month has passed since Mr. Peterson spoke to someone. When this little angel spoke to her, her face flourished, and both spoke. The instant communication was both magical. Even before the farewell, Nora asked her mother to take a picture with an old man. The conversation lasted only 10 minutes but its effect was deep.

What happened in the next few days after their encounter is nothing short of a miracle.

Watch the video below to see how this 4-year-old girl changed the life of the depressed old man.

4-year-old makes unlikely friend

82-year-old Dan Peterson fell into a deep depression after his wife passed away. Things changed when he had a chance meeting with 4-year-old Norah Wood: http://via.wtkr.com/7e4XD

Posted by WTKR News 3 on Monday, November 21, 2016


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