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9 Words Women Use That Every Man Need To Know.

On the second day, a friend told me that his girlfriend was very quiet. He asked her what was wrong and she said “nothing.” He said that he was not worried. I had to show him this …

#1. Fine. This term is used to eliminate an argument when it is correct and you get better off. Do not say another word!

Edward Langley
Edward Langley

#2. Nothing. If you ask him what is wrong and say nothing, there is definitely something wrong. Keep your toes. Many arguments can begin with “nothing” and then end with “OK”.

See #1: If he says, “In fact, there is nothing wrong”, this means that anything is wrong.

#3 loud ah It is a non-verbal cue that you’re stupid and you wonder why you’re wasting time and arguing about “nothing”.# 2.Looked

#4. go ahead. It is like a double intestine and is certainly not allowed. He wants you to make the right decisions, then thinks about what to do!

#5.Not worry about it, I understand. This means that you are asked to do something several times, and now you do not do this. Uh! As a result, which you can ask him later, “What’s wrong,” he will answer “nothing.” Return to # 2

#6. It’s okay. It’s a very serious signal. You must be thinking long and hard about paying the work you have done.

#7. Five minutes, if ready to happen, which means 15-40 minutes, may The result is different, but if you watch the game, then 5 minutes on # 300 seconds

#8. What does this mean? It goes to hell you’re in big trouble, a breeze in the air

#9.Thank you. But if he says: “Thank you very much” means as a coffin, I must definitely say “Welcomed” No, then I will answer with “whatever.” See # 8.

Ok now, translate it: “Well, whatever happens, go ahead and watch for another five minutes on the game, do not worry about it, I’ll take out the trash.”

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