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9 Good Signs You’re in the Right Relationship

This article originally appeared in Mark and Angel. We loved it so much, and we thought you would enjoy it too.

“ How do I know if I’m in the right relationship or not?

This is one of the most common questions asked by our trained clients. After Angel and I hear the nuances in their situation, we often ask a question to clarify their thoughts and expectations. For example:

“Do you think a” right relationship “should be provided to the people in it?

Although the answer here is personally clear, in all relationships, romance and Platonism are similar, there are some clear indications that things are going well. Even today, see some references that indicate that you are in “right relationships” and in the same tips that can help you “misbehave”:

#1. No game is played.

Far away, we make our relationships more difficult. Difficulties began when … time, unconscious emotion, became a sexual game, the incident of “love” short in front of the Secretariat and faith has become one of the ways of insecurity usually envy, and injured. Natural shape, far from our solutions. Stop running! To deal with these issues, to solve problems, to communicate, to forgive and to love those who deserve it in their lives. Of course, if you think someone will ask you to play games with you.

# 2. All on the same page.

If a woman begins all the rigor with a man and does not tell her that she wants a committed relationship, it is likely that she will not be in a committed relationship. If you get the impression that the casual, or anything else, will be good with you, he’ll take it forward. The bottom line is that you should be straight from the start, or at least once you know what you want. Do not shoot around the bush. If you are scared and walked away because you are honest and you are used to setting boundaries, that person was not suitable for you anyway.

#3.The line of communication is open, frank and clear.

You can not fear a better way to talk and talk to some people, it’s better to go somewhere. Understand what you are saying and speaking. Do not expect important people to read your mind in your life, and do not play silly games with your head and heart. Do not say half the truth and I hope you will trust when the whole truth emerges – half-truth is no better than lying.

He heard without reservation and without humiliation. Communication is not just an important part of the relationship; it is a relationship. Relationship problems often fail because of belief problems, compliance issues, and, above all, communication problems. So always be honest, committed and committed.

#4. Work love constantly promotes love words.

Connect your important relationships so that when you tell people that you love them that you love them, this is just a liturgical statement that you have already shown how to treat them on a daily basis. Do some things every day to show to your loved ones. Knowing that the person you are considering makes you think a lot.

To tell the truth, you can say a thousand times “sorry” or say “I love you” as much as you want, but if you do not prove that the things you said are true, then no. If you can not show them, your words are not correct. It’s very simple. There is no such thing as a “wrong” relationship between the two parties.

#5. Like perfection is completely forbidden.

No real connection will be true, but if you want to work it and want to open it, all of this can be your dream.

Your favorite friend can be a lot of your spiritual companion, but it suits you perfectly. Give them a chance to show you. When you close those people you love in a certain way, you can begin to appreciate their happiness and who they are. Your problems are such a relationship that you need to remember, but in the end what is right, when it is not difficult with time.

#6. Honesty, weakness, and presence are sacred.

Although it may seem risky, only the strongest types of love is the love that makes you weak. It revolves around courage to show yourself honestly, and you have the courage to remain open for a long time. It is about being committed to others through thick and thin, and in fact, being in the flesh and soul when you need them most.

So open yourself up. Stay with the person you love. Allow yourself to experiment in a real way. Shred the walls of any emotional brick around you and feel comfortable and bad. This is real life, this is real life. Do you welcome a sincere relationship with someone else? (Read Darring Gratley.)

#7. There is a healthy mix of freedom and Teamwork.

Keep in mind that we can not force anyone to live with us or love us. We should not plead with anyone when they want to leave. In the same way, we must not engage in any relationship. In fact, if a person feels trapped, the relationship does not exist. Because it is all relationships: freedom.

Relationships are also managed on solid foundations for teamwork. Since relationships are one of the greatest mechanisms of personal development and happiness, the most important journey in life, which you will ever make, will be half of anyone. Instead of working alone or working against them, you can earn more by working with them. This is indeed a complete circle. The strength of the relationship depends on the strength of its members, and in the long term, the strength of each member depends on the quality of the relationship.

Remember, 50/50 relationships rarely happen in a short time. You can not always feel 100%, or that 50% of relationships are unexpected throughout life. So in those days where you can give only 20%, you should give someone else 80%, and vice versa. There has never been a steady balance between; spin health relationships around two people; they are willing to make adjustments as needed to each other in real time, and then give more when someone else can not help, but can offer less.

#8. Personal development is adopted, celebrated, and involved.

It’s not about the person who loses himself, about interviewing someone you find yourself with. When you connect with a particular person, your best friend or partner, this person will help you find the best in yourself. In this way, they do not get better at each other. You grow both to spend time and improve yourself to improve each other.

When you honestly believe that what you and your followers do adds to the lives of others, you will often find that instead of giving things (or advice, answers, gifts, etc.) to one another, rather than participating in a choice. Experience life with joy, pain, time and bad. No problem, each of you is to each other, develop and learn as one. (Read the mastery of love.)

#9. Outside people do not shoot.

Relationships are not always understood, especially from the outside. This is why outsiders do not claim your business for your relationship. If you have any problems with someone, then work with someone else.

You have to live your life in your own way; that’s all. Every one of us has a unique fire in our hearts for some people. Determine if your relationship is true or not, it is your duty, sole agent. She has stopped worrying about what she wants and has already lived for herself and started making decisions.

You can share this article by clicking below, and let us know what other tips you know in the right relationship.

Share this article by clicking below, and let us know what other signs let you KNOW you’re in the right relationship.

Source: Marc and Angel


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