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8 Things to Remember When Everything Goes Wrong

Marc and Angel are two passionate writers, life-hackers, and the authors of 1000 Little Things Happy Successful People Do Differently. Here’s their list of 8 things to remember when everything goes wrong. If you enjoy this, be sure to check out their website for more inspirational advice and practical tips to improve your life.

Here are a few reminders to help motivate you when you need it most:

#1. Pain is part of growing.

Sometimes the doors of life are closed because it is time to move forward. This is good because we often do not go unless circumstances make us. When the time is difficult, you must remind yourself that the pain does not come without a purpose. Go ahead with the hurt that he suffered, but do not forget that what he taught you just because you are not fighting, that means you are unsuccessful. For every great success, no kind of struggle is required. Good things take some time. Be patient and be positive. Everything approaching probably not immediately, but in the end. Remember that there are two types of pain: the pain that hurts you and the pain that changes you. When you roll with life, instead of opposing it, both types help grow.

#2. Everything in life is temporary.

Rain stops every time it rains. You are treated every time you get hurt. There is always light after dark – you are reminded of it every morning, but nevertheless, you often forget, instead you choose to believe that the night will always last. He did not win. nothing lasts forever. If things are good, enjoy them. It was not forever. If things get worse, do not worry because it does not end forever. Just because life is not easy at this time, this does not mean that you can not laugh. Just because someone bothers you, that does not mean you can not smile. Each moment gives you a new beginning and a new ending. You get every second chance. You just have to take it and achieve the best of it.

#3. Worrying and complaining changes nothing.

People who complain more, do as little as possible. Trying to do anything and do a better job than doing anything and succeeding is always better. If defeated, it is not over. When you do nothing, you complain about it. If you believe in something, keep trying. Do not let past shadows obscure your future door. Complain today, complaining yesterday, will not be any bright tomorrow, no action will be taken tomorrow but take action instead. Learn how to improve your way of life. Make a change and do not look back and look back. Regardless of what happens in the long term, remember that true happiness only begins when you stop complaining about your problems and begin to appreciate all the problems you do not have.

#4. Your scars are symbols of your strength.

Do not be embarrassed by the life of the signs you left. The injuries mean that the injury is over and that the wound has stopped. This means that you have won the pain, lessons learned, got stronger, and progressed. To feel proud, the tag is a triumphant tattoo. Do not allow your scribes to make your mortgages. They do not allow you to live your life in fear. You can not hide your life patches, but you can change the way you see them. You can start seeing your scar as a sign of strength rather than pain. Once the woman says, “The wound is where the light comes in.” Nothing can be close to the truth. From grief, the strongest spirits appeared. This is discovered in the great world with the strongest personal effects. See your scores as a “Yes” sign! I did this! I survived and I have signs to prove it! Now I have a chance to be stronger. ”

#5. Every little struggle is a step forward.

In life, patience is not about waiting; it is the ability to maintain a good position while working hard on your dreams, knowing that work is worth it. So if you try then go on time and go all the way. Otherwise, there is no point at first. This may mean losing stability and comfort for some time, and maybe even your mind on the occasion. This does not mean that what you eat or place your sleep is that you are using the weekend. This can mean that you can draw your comfort zone as long as it gives you a non-stop state of cold. This may mean sacrificing relationships and all knowledge. This may mean ridicule of your friends. This means that a lot of time can be alone in time. Isolation, however, is a gift that makes great things possible. Gives you the place you need. Everything else is a test of your determination, and how much you really want.

And if you want it, you’ll do it despite failure, rejection and obstacles. Every step you feel will be better than anything you can imagine. You will feel that the struggle is not found on the track, this is the way. It is worth it. So if you will try then go all the way. There is no better meaning in the world … there is no better meaning than knowing what it means

#6. Other people’s negativity is not your problem.

If you are negatively enveloped, be positive. Smile when others try to save you. This is an easy way to keep your enthusiasm and attention. When others are doing badly with you, then stay with us. Do not let the bitterness of someone else change you from you. Even in person, you can not take things individually. People barely do because you are talking about them.

Above all, ever, not only to make a change someone to tell you this is not very good. Change it because it makes you a better person and move towards a brighter future. People go without looking at what you do or how much you do. What do you think of others before you worry about yourself. If you strongly believe in something, do not be afraid to fight for it. Great power comes from overcoming them which some believe is impossible. All the humor on one side, your life comes only once. That’s it. Do what pleases you and those who accompany you often smile.

#7. What’s meant to be will eventually, BE.

Real power comes when you have a lot of crying and complaining, but you love to smile and appreciate your life. The blessings are hidden in every struggle you face, but you have to be prepared to open your heart and mind to see them. You can not force things to happen you can just try to make yourself angry. At some point you have to leave and what should be, BE

In the end, to love your life, rely on your intuition, seize opportunities, lose and get happy, learn memories and learn through experience. This is a long-term journey. You have to stop worrying, worry and every step of the way. Laugh in the illusion, live consciously at this moment, and enjoy your life as you graduate. You may not end up in the exact place you’re going to go, but you’ll end up where you should be.

#8. The best thing you can do is to keep going.

Do not be afraid to rise again – try again, love again, live again and dream again. Do not harden your heart hard on hard lessons. The best lessons in life are often learned from the worst times and the worst mistakes. There will be times when everything seems wrong. You may find yourself trapped in this race forever, but you will not win. When you want to leave, remember that sometimes things must be very wrong before they become true. Sometimes you have to pass in the worst case, to get to the best place for you.

Yes, life is hard, but tough. Discover the power of laughter every day. Find the courage to feel different, yet beautiful. You find in your heart that you smile at others also do not stress things that you can not change. Live a normal love generously speaking the truth work diligently. If you are short, continue. Continue to progress

Awake every morning and do your best to follow this daily TO-DO list:

Think positively. Eat healthily. Exercise today. Worry less. Work hard. Laugh often. Sleep well. Repeat.

“Everything is temporary, this too shall pass” is a phrase that always comes to my mind whenever things are not going well. All of these are excellent reminders. If you enjoyed this Marc and Angel’s tips, share them with your friends and family.

Source: marcandangel.com


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