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6 Frighteningly Common Reasons Dogs Run Away

We all know that there is no feeling of returning home and feeling your dog. You see in the back yard and under the fence a dog-shaped hole. Once you start looking for a dog, your heart goes to your stomach.

Hopefully, you find them again, but why would they run away in the first place? Especially when you give it love, attention, exercise, and food? Turns out, there are a few reasons why. We even have a funny video at the end of this post to help you remember.

6 Reasons Your Dog Runs Away

#1. Looking for Love

If your dog has not sprayed or hated, maybe that’s why. Dogs can smell each other a mile away. Mating is a powerful engine of dogs, so if they have the opportunity, they can make it to him.

#2. Fear

Because dogs have such excellent sessions, noisy noise can easily scare them. Things like fireworks, construction or traffic can scare your dog. When dogs feel threatened, they want to escape to a place that feels safe. If they have the ability to get out of the house, they will continue to work until they feel safe.

Additionally, natural disasters will obviously terrify your dog, so it is very common for dogs to run away because of an earthquake, mudslide, etc.

#3. Separation Anxiety

Our dogs love us, and when we leave, some are worried. If it gets worse, they can go out of the house so they can find us.

#4. The Hunt

Sometimes it is easy to forget, but the dogs are still animals, and their ancestors were terrible fishermen. As a result, they still have a tendency to catch. If they look out of the window and a cat or squirrel or whatever else they decide will be fun, they can survive and follow it for a long time.

#5. Boredom

Dogs can be simple objects, but they still need mental stimulation. If they do not have enough training, are adequately trained or are busy enough, they will have the first opportunity to do some adventures themselves.

#6. New House

Finally, dogs are creatures of habit. They love settings and routines like people. If you have recently moved or are in a different situation, dogs can run to find their familiar home. These are just a few of the reasons that your dog can be involved. It is always helpful to help you as well as take care of all your dog’s needs, train them, and save or save them.


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