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25 Things People in Healthy Relationships Don’t Do

Mark and Angel Chernoff Have spent more than a decade training and helped them develop a lasting health relationship. On their blog post, Mark and Angel Hack Live, shared  answers with a general question, “What happens to relationships to build and save?” Here’s what people do not do in good relationships:

# 1. To get better time ahead, they do not participate in the current state of their relationships.The thing that thinks about the end of happiness is that you forget to enjoy the trip on the road. It’s still alive … Do not miss it! You need to enjoy the company you want to keep today, while you still have the opportunity to do so.

# 2. They do not expect to solve all the problems of their relationships. While the health relationship can certainly bring happiness, it is not the work of anyone else filling the empty interior space. This is your job for you alone. Unless you accept the responsibility of your own vacuum, pain or discomfort, the problems will remain essentially the same.

# 3 They do not expect their relationships to be easy. Long-term relationships are wonderful but rarely easy. Resisting difficult times and seeing them as proof of something wrong or you are with the wrong person, only increases difficulties. On the contrary, wanting to see challenges as learning opportunities will give you energy and strength that will push you forward and increase your relationship to the next level.

# 4. They do not allow fear to empower their love and faith. You do not lose love. You relax and lose. Nothing is impossible to give him a chance. Love means giving someone a chance to hurt you, but do not trust them. Without this belief, the relationship can survive. You can not believe only those who are afraid of others; you have to trust the trust of others. If you trust someone, be aware that you too can trust them. (Read the craftsmanship of love.)

# 5. They do not keep secrets. Trust is the basis of the relationship, and when confidence breaks down, a part of two people has a time and desire involved in improving and correcting it. Often, I tell the boss’s boss, “I did not tell him but I did not lie to him.” This statement is a contradiction because the error is incorrect. If you cover your track in any way, it is a matter of time before the truth appears and the belief in the relationship has broken. Tell the truth, no matter what the result. The only way to live in peace with yourself and with others is to be honest.

# 6. They do not fake their feelings. Do not be a Romantic person: Work instead to become a real person. Being real is being loved.

# 7. They do not hide who they are. There is nothing better for your happiness and your relationships so that you can do your best, show everyone in every way, who you are and whom you stand for.

# 8. They do not see others to verify their identity. Never allow anyone else to allow you to legitimize someone. There is no need to make you happy or live a good life. It is only a state of mind you can create and then establish a relationship with you.

# 9 They do not keep hateful anger.There is a good time to go now. Do not drag august in tomorrow. Let’s make it again, where we can, modify and move on. Make peace with all the people who are capable, peace with them. Even if forgiveness is not equal to solving, then keep a sword and let it remain. life’s too short.

#10. They don’t focus on the unchangeable past. Sometimes happiness in relationships cannot be determined. Sometimes you can leave it, anyway, there is a bit of apology.

# 11. They do not expect their loved ones to be strong always. Sometimes people come down because they can not hold us. “I can not take you” does not mean, “I do not love you.” Can mean, “I’m also struggling.”

# 12. They do not focus on people’s flaws. Do your best to keep the sincere love of others in your heart. The better you see them, the better you expose yourself.

# 13. They do not get out of liability, or because they want to pay back. Make something special for someone you admire, and today for a stranger. Do it because you can and because it makes the world a nice place, always more than usual. When you change your view of how I can get from your point of view, you will be surprised by the gift you receive. It is said that the most successful people in the most successful relationships is finding ways to help others. Most people are still asking, “What is there for me?”

# 14. They do not accept their relationships. When paying close attention, there is something incredible. They share your relationship in which you breathe. So, make time for those you care about. With our busy schedule, we often forget to relax and enjoy the wonderful company. The distance in human relations is not measured in miles, but in affection. Two people can be next to each other, even miles away. So, do not ignore someone you care about, because less anxiety is more painful than words of anger.

# 15. They are not visible only when they are good. Stay with good, bad, happy and sad times … whatever happens. Be prepared to provide support for hearing, tingling and passion in all situations. In a good relationship, each can trust that they can trust each other, not just willing to be comfortable, but when they need each other.

# 16. They do not constantly try to “fix” those people whom they care about. The art of caring for the other lies in love and respect. This means hearing them with the heart and telling them their full presence to be seen and valued. This is not a place where you try to fix the other person. It revolves around being a witness to the translation that accompanies the other person. (Read the gift of immaturity.)

# 17. When they need to listen they do not talk. There is some courage in standing up and talking. You need more courage to open and hear your brain. Take note and become a good listener. Your ears will not be able to put you in trouble. People in your life often need to hear your ears compared to a slanted voice. Do not listen with the intention of answering. What is said is heard. The more beautiful you are, the more beautiful you are, the quieter you are, the smarter you will be.

# 18. They do not take everything personally. If you take everything apart, you’ll be angry at the rest of your life. Because what others do, you do not. Never allow others to tell you how you feel.

# 19. They do not ignore their own awareness. When two people meet, the award always goes with the most self-insight. He will easily calm down, have more confidence, and more with the other.

# 20. They do not say “yes” when they need to say “no”. You can not always agree; In this way, people take advantage of you. Sometimes you have to set clear boundaries.

# 21 They do not let people return them indefinitely. Give people many possibilities, but feel that you can not walk with those who refuse to develop themselves. Try to spend less time with those who are stubborn and stuck in their comfort zone. If someone does not want to grow up for you, they may be allowed to leave. Your relationships can help you for a long time, you can not hurt.

# 22. They do not oppose or interfere with the development of other people. Health relationships continue in the direction of personal development: for the relationship and for each person. The desire to impede the development of others for the comfort of a person is an expression of fear. Even when one is concerned that a relationship can be disrupted, they recognize that their method can be different for both benefits. Prior to personal gain, mutual benefit is maintained.

# 23. They do not rebound and run into replacement relationships. If you lose a friend or a friend of value with pain, do not go out once to replace. This type of initial procedure prevents you from checking your heartbeat and releasing it. (I and Angel are talking about 1000 small things.) Successful and happy people are more detailed in separating “self-love” in different ways.)

# 24 They do not see past relationships as failures. Although not all relationships mean, there are unsuccessful relationships, because there is a lesson to teach everyone in your life. The lesson you learn is to strengthen the future relationship.

# 25. They define what is not behind them. Unless you are concerned about repeated harmful communication from the past, you will not be free to create new and healthy bondage. Those who fear you, leave them to work. Start by accepting these fears, then remember yourself that you are not wasted in a particular face. You are going to run your life, and you have the ability to establish healthy relationships. If you stop performing the session yourself, you can correct it. If you have made mistakes in your past, you can learn from them.

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Source: Marc and Angel


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