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10 things i wish i had known Ten years ago.

Marc and Angel Chernoff are two great writers who share inspiring advice and life tips on their blog.

Mark here briefly summarizes what he wants to share:

I have gradually learned these concepts in the last decade. Together they helped me live a meaningful life. If I had understood these things 10 years ago, I could have survived the confusion. So I thought today that I wanted to share some of the things I wanted to know soon. I hope they will help you deal with some of the obstacles that stumbled on the way of life.

# 1. To love someone you should not have meant to lose. – True love gives you strength, does not hit you. True love allows humans to create wonderful things by working together through passion, tenderness and good will. So be strong enough to stand alone, and be sufficient to separate yourself, but be shy enough to share your love with time. Read the dexterity of love.

# 2. You do not even get help moving forward. – Until you try to come with them, you will not go ahead. Sometimes we do not forgive people because they deserve it. We forgive them because they need them because we need them because we can not go without them. Forgiveness is to find inner peace and a new purpose that I thought when someone tricked you, then someone participated.

Jamie Henderson
Jamie Henderson

# 3. You attract the world you show. – If you want it, then reflect it. You always meet joy, freedom, and peace of mind with others without expecting it. He blesses others, blesses him so much. Those who help others, are finally helping them. You have been convicted. One to help you, the other to help you

# 4. Failure is successful when you learn from it. – Experience occurs when you do not get what you want. Obstacles can not stop you. Problems cannot prevent you. Others cannot stop you. These obstacles are temporary – they come and go. That is why the only obstacle that can actually prevent you during your life is that you do not accept defeat because you sometimes have to travel from hell to earth to find paradise on earth.

# 5. What you have not done is not that, But what she achieved. – All difficulties are all errors, all rejection, every pain every time when you ask why. All of these things led to knowledge and power, helping you shed light in the dark world. Read emotional freedom.

# 6. If you give it, then your past can only hurt you. – Do not pay attention to the last few things, if this does all this, then there is a bad mess that will be presented today. There are times when you need to leave the bitterness and catch the gall bladder without any reason. The only way to overcome them is to leave behind them. If you live your time and your time, you can remember those special moments that will come in the future.

#7. It’s never too late to become the person you are capable of being – Repeat after me: “I am free.” At that moment you can achieve your life goal here. The purpose of life is not only to be happy, but to be productive, to be useful, and to make any difference. Remember that life is constantly changing, but development is optional. Choose wisely, start now

# 8. Passion is important. If you caught between their dreams and others understand what is true for you, always traveling in such a way will satisfy you – unless you do not satisfy everyone, only you. And do anything, do not follow the money. Hold ideas and activities that make you alive. Go for more valuable items – things cannot buy money – and use them to create a related career. Read the defeatist

Douglas Seifert
Douglas Seifert

# 9 The pain is worth it. – You can not really begin to appreciate life unless you are lowered several times. Unless your heart breaks you can not begin to praise love. Unless you know the pain, you can not really appreciate happiness. To appreciate the scenic views of the mountain, you have to fight on the edge of the mountain.

# 10. Sometimes you do not want what you want. Sometimes you can not change things, you can change for the better. Master your feedback about external events; do not always try to control them. You rarely end up where you want to go, but you’ll always end up where you should be.

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